Positively True-Why Not Him?!

Last Friday, my family drove into the city and stayed at a beautiful hotel. We were seeking a way to erase the stress that my family has marinated in for months. Friday was great. The happiness was a wonderful distraction and it helped…temporarily.

Saturday, was a different story.  As the angry outburst transformed into quiet pleas of despair, I felt helpless.  I understood the seriousness.

I wished that it was just one episode of self-doubt.  It isn’t.

I wished it was a once-in-a-blue-moon bad day.  It isn’t.

I wished all the worry and stress hadn’t crept into our weekends, but it has.

The school staff has proven to be too busy, too clueless, too detached to come to the table with solutions.  At this point, emails aren’t even returned; maybe this is due to their fear that their ignorance could later be used against them. I am saddened that I share the same profession as them.

These nights, we fall into our chairs after he is asleep and consult our calendars.  We plan for early pick ups in avoidance for the most stressful parts; attempting to create a safety net of support for my TBP.  I have to admit that there have been days where I have been engulfed in fear…until now.

Yesterday, a friend walked in the snow to her church and lit a candle for my son.  The religious ones in the family are praying and I called on my beloved relatives who have passed to send me strength and protect my son.

When I woke in the middle of the night, I was reminded of the words of a brilliant man.  He said we should picture what we want for  my TBP, expect a good outcome. See good things. At that moment, I was reminded that we have experienced challenging times before and absolute miracles came our way. So, why not now?  Why not him?

After all that positive energy and prayer took place yesterday, we experienced a small miracle.  Our little school district was closed today due to “possible worsening weather.”  No one else was impacted and neighboring schools were all open and on regular schedules.

It was an extra stay at home day.  A deep sigh of relief.  We crossed one more day off the calendar until our mid-winter vacation next week.

Today, I was reminded of the importance of positive thoughts and intentions.  I don’t know if you believe it or not, but we will gladly accept blessings sent our way!  🙂

8 thoughts on “Positively True-Why Not Him?!

  1. I remember days like these. I remember not wanting to answer the phone when the school’s number popped up.

    I remember breathing sighs of relief on certain days. I feel your struggle.

  2. Sending you lots of good luck to see your way through this particular tight spot. Did you ever consider homeschooling ? Obviously not an easy or perfect solution? I did it for a year when things got really bad for my son. It came as such a welcome relief to be able to focus on his talents and strengths and find more appropriate ways to help him with his weaknesses – you are such a good and caring mother I know you will make good decisions and do the best you can for him- he is so lucky to have you

  3. Oh no, I hope everything has begun to look up since you wrote this. It’s SO HARD, so hard so hard. While I do not know your particular struggle this week, I know never letting my phone out of my site and walking out of meetings when I see that it’s the school calling. So far, for us, it hasn’t been bad but my son is still in preschool. Sending hugs and prayers. Big ones.

    • Thank you! Ugh!!!! Sigh!!! At this very moment, I am filled with anger about a condescending email that we received only after we sent another email when no one responded.
      Serenity Now!!!!!
      PS thanks for your support and virtual hugs

  4. I remember from my working days having a problem with a school district who did not want my child in their school and their staff did not know how to handle his autistic behaviors. I did find a “higher power” somewhere in the Superintendents of Public Instructions Office in Olympia. They became involved and a number of good things happened. An autism specialist was hired to evaluate the school situation and he taught the school staff effective methods have dealing with this child and a classroom aid with special training was hired for this classroom. Maybe you should consider a similar plea for your child. Take care and thank you for your care of your boy.

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