MLK Jr. Day also known as Thank God it is a holiday Day!

Thank God for today’s holiday that celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday!

I mean no disrespect to anyone if I seem insensitive about my comments regarding Martin Luther King, Jr or the holiday.  I understand the tremendous work that he did and the tragedy of his assassination.

It’s just that as a special needs parent, with a child that is really struggling in school, we are living from school vacation to school vacation!  Returning from the extended winter break was rough and there was no way that we would make it to the mid-winter break in February without at least one or two holidays along the way! January 20th provided one of these rest stops.

Groundhog’s Day is a day off from school, right? Hope so!

I spoke with my son this morning about the man behind the holiday.  After watching a short video from BrainPop, our discussion focused more on the general aspects of how we should treat people for their actions and their character instead of the color of their eyes and skin.  I gave him examples of what it would be like if all the green-eyed people were allowed respect and privileges with others being left out.

We looked up on the internet about the importance of today’s focus and The Day of Service.  We looked at the lists of opportunities to serve others. He got it.

He really got it when we looked at the list of the needed items for the local food bank.  “We better go soon and get those toothbrushes and toothpaste so they don’t lose their teeth!  You know how that will cause other health issues!”

Surprisingly, he voluntarily quit his video games and didn’t argue knowing that yes, he would be going IN a store to shop.  The importance of helping “them” seemed to overshadow his discomfort for shopping and leaving the house on a “stay home day”.

He remembered the most requested items on the list:  canned tuna, canned chicken, jam, toiletries.  We shopped and he stayed focused on the task.  He paid more attention to the items that were going in the bags in a way that he never noticed.

We put the items in the car and he said, “That should help, shouldn’t it?!”  I smiled and squeezed his hand a little tighter.

Sometimes when you are so deep in your own worries and troubles, it helps to focus on the needs of others.  I think that might have been refreshing for him today.

How did you serve others today?

9 thoughts on “MLK Jr. Day also known as Thank God it is a holiday Day!

  1. Interesting. I don’t think of today as a day of service, thank you. I supposed you can look at what I did to day as a service. I gathered my courage and pout aside my discomfort – I interviewed a woman whose child died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. I am going to tell their story and try to raise awareness.

  2. Sounds like a great day together! I’m part of your Sits Tribe, by the way. My daughter and I spent the afternoon helping a tired momma of 5 little ones, all adopted and all with special needs. I held the baby while and chatted with the mom while my daughter chased the four other kiddos around the yard.

  3. I’m part of your Sits Tribe! Hello! Sounds like you had a great day. My daughter and I spent the afternoon helping a tired, stressed out momma of five kiddos all under 7, and all part of special needs adoptions. I chatted with mom and held the baby while my girl chased the others around the yard. She is tired out after that!

  4. I had not thought of it as a day of service, but I like the idea. I love that your son wanted to help.
    when I was a kid my grandpa and I would help take out food baskets to the needy on christmas eve. I’ve always wanted to do that with my girls, but Ive not had a catalyst to do it. Sad, huh?

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