Halloween Report…No, Thank you!


According to my son, the Halloween party at school was okay.  According to my son’s teacher, she said that my son held it together during the third grade “Harvest Party Rotation” quite well.  There were several activities that he opted out of, but when adults asked if he wanted to participate he would answer,

“No, Thank you.”

There were several other times on Halloween that my son said, “No, Thank you.”

When we asked if he wanted to go farther than just around the block.


When we asked if he wanted to tackle the darkest house.

When we asked if he wanted to try to pass out the candy to the visitors.


When a neighbor asked if he wanted more than one piece of candy.

When we asked if he was done playing video games and was ready for bed.


Okay, the last one was an expected response.  We should have seen that coming and phrased it differently so he didn’t think he had a choice.

He held it together during the day and the evening, so I expected that today would be the recovery day.

But it wasn’t.

It hasn’t come yet.  Do I dare think that the recovery isn’t needed anymore?

The minute that I start to think like that, I will be hit with the tears and frustration and inflexibility.


So right now, I hold my breath.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Report…No, Thank you!

  1. So glad my son isn’t the only kid who says no thank you to candy or says he can only take one piece. He also stopped trick or treating half way thru while his brother kept going. Who’s kid does that? Who’s kid doesn’t want more candy?? That’s what I’m thinking all the other parents are thinking as they walk by my son standing on the sidewalk. I have to accept my son enjoys the holiday in his own unique way.

    • Mine went up and surveyed the choices and then either said yeah or nea 🙂
      The dairy/nut allergy thing complicates it and he is annoyed there aren’t better choices for him 🙂

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