Child Dreams

Catching Water Creatures

Catching Water Creatures

Before April of  2012, I had never read a blog.  I only started reading them when I was looking for answers about my son.  After I did my research, I wanted to share the most interesting and amazing parts  with others.  I wanted to support parents that were experiencing struggles and searching for help.  I had known that helpless feeling.

That is how my site was born.

Since the blog, I have found that many parents want the same things…not all, but many.

They want their child to stay young, innocent, in a world that is often forcing them to be hard and pointy.

They want to slow time, so they can focus on the small, great moments of family that slip away through over-scheduled days and homework frustration.

They want to know that their children are cared for, challenged, and appreciated when they send them to others to educate their minds and souls.

They want their child to know that even though it might not feel like it now, being unique is awesome!

Having said that, parents want their child to belong to someone or something so that they can be part of something bigger than themselves.

When I think about my dreams for my son, I want him to know that he is loved…unconditionally!  I want him to know that he is valued and a gift! I want him to develop a passion for something that makes his days important and if he is lucky to turn that passion into a career, he has found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I want him to find others that “get him” in a way that he deserves.

I love being his mom.  I love seeing the person that he is becoming.  I just wished that he was becoming this growing person at a slower pace.

What are your dreams for your child?

4 thoughts on “Child Dreams

  1. Aw. Time really does go so quickly, doesn’t it? I have the same dreams for my son – that he knows he’s loved, and that being unique is awesome. Also – I started my blog the exact same way! I was looking for information and found some blogs…and said “voila!” 🙂

  2. I want for my children to know themselves and their personal value. They will be hit soon enough with the craziness of tweendom and adulthood. I hope they will always know they are loved unconditionally. Thanks for giving me things to think about today.

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