I’m A Dork

Okay maybe that is a bit strong, but I am still learning the rules and games (the fun ones…not the catty mean girl ones) that bloggers play.  Just today, I had to ask @meredithspidel  The Mom of the Year how to get “linked in” and honestly, I’m not sure that I did it right!

When Tracy@CrazyAsNormal told me that I had been tagged, my first response was “How fun” and then shortly after that, I wondered what it meant and if I knew what to do.  So I sat back and observed a bit, much like a new kid to class would.  From my observations, it looks like that this is a fun way to learn a bit about each other and then pass it on.  I am currently multi-tasking with dogs, laundry and my TBP, but I will give it a try!


Five Things That I Have A Passion For…and they are not in any particular order

1. My boy-his happiness, health & confidence means everything to me

2. My friends and family

3. The education of all types of kids and learners, not just the ones that fit in “the box”

4. My writing and the dream of getting paid and recognized for said passion

5. Creating an organized and simplified home…ignore the two barking dogs in the background


Five Things That I Would Like to Do Before I Die

1. Swim with Dolphins…yes, I know everyone says it, but I really want to experience it

2. Live in a little bungalow by the water and write a well-received novel

3. Travel with my son to the Disney locations…currently his sensory issues & my desperate fear of flying make this challenging

4. See a book of mine turned into a play or series…I can dream, right!

5. Get a reading done with the New Jersey Medium so that I could have one afternoon again with my Grandpa


Five Things That I Say A Lot

1. I’m just sayin’  sounds like a well-respected published author to me too 🙂

2. Whatever-this one is now being repeated by my son and needs to be squashed right away!

3. In a minute!  What?! I’m a mom!

4. I need to go to bed earlier tonight!  If you saw the bags, you would understand!

5. I Love You


Five Books and/or magazines I Have Read lately

1. The Magician’s Nephew

2. James and the Giant Peach

3. O Magazine

4. Seattle Magazine

5. The Magic Tree House Series…many of them


Five Favorite Movies (I know there are more, but I could watch these repeatedly)

1. Harry Potter (all of them really)

2. Star Wars Episode 3

3. Shawshank Redemption

4. The Outsiders

5. Ferris Bueller


Five Places That I Would Love to Travel

1. Disney locations

2. Palm Springs

3. Montana

4. Hawaii

5. Europe…possibly, but it is too far for a road trip


So now this is the part where I tag others.  I feel like I am passing a chain letter that not everybody wants so…I will pick 5 but others are free to hop on if they want!

Trish  @superlittlet

ScienceofParenthood @sciofParenthood

Rossana Condoleo @RossanaCondoleo

The Mom of the Year @meredithspidel

They Call Me Mummy @theycallmemummy






7 thoughts on “I’m A Dork

    • Thank you 🙂

      Yes I love the first one where they were little and then I love the Deloris (defense against the dark arts cat lady) and then the very last one 🙂
      My son and I loved the music they used in the last one!

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