Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Easter crept up on me faster than usual!  We had just recovered from the Leprechaun mess and now Peter Cottontail is hoping down the bunny trail!

On Saturday, we did our traditional egg dying.  This year, we tried a new technique and used individual packets of Kool-Aid flavors.  The jury is still out on whether we preferred the old Paas and vinegar method or the new fruity-fragranced Kool-Aid.  I thought the icy blue lemonade (blue), wild cherry (red), and orange were very successful.  The lemonade was too light and pink lemonade turned out to be a very soft pink.  The grape turned out gray.  We created a truly ugly egg by peeling it and putting it right in the muddy liquid-the benefit of using the Kool-Aid.  We decided that these would be fabulous for a Halloween party.  In addition to the colors, we used Sharpie marker, crayons & rubber bands.  I don’t believe they are contest winners but, we had fun 🙂

002 003 007 016 020

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny arrived and didn’t disappoint!   Candy, scented erasers, growing turtle, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, and yes…a whoopee cushion all made for a great basket!  After a bit of early sweet tasting, we had breakfast and gathered our things for Granny and Grampy’s house.

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There were several discussions about hunting eggs outside…

“What about the bees?”

“Doesn’t the dog pee out there?”

“Will Grampy pick up the dog poop?”

“Are you kidding me!  The dirt and the bugs!?!”

Usually it rains on Easter and so an inside hunt is a given, but when we have a sunny Easter Sunday…it screams for an outside egg hunt!  As I stood and watched my son with his cousins, the memories of previous egg hunts flooded my mind.  I remember when it was first only the girls and they always looked so cute in their Easter dresses.  Then came my son, initially dressed up with a miniature tie and suit and now in constantly growing rabbit size shoes!  Every year, there is one egg that requires the whole family’s attention to hunt down because someone forgot its secret location 🙂

135 140 153 171

Easter is a great holiday.  Not quite Christmas, but definitely in the top three.  We enjoyed family & great food and didn’t come home to a bunch of lights and decorations that needed to be packed up!

I have included pictures of our Kool-Aid egg dying, the Easter basket, breakfast, our egg hunt & one of the family dog sneaking a bit of Easter snacks!

Happy Easter to you!

6 thoughts on “Here Comes Peter CottonTail

  1. Happy Easter – enjoyed the glimpse of your nice Easter. We live a long way from family. Glad you got to enjoy yours !

  2. Looks like a fun time. Im glad he decided to participate. they are ao fun. We put mobey now that the kids are getting older and that never disappoints my kids! This was our first year not hunting for eggs and it was very sad. It was WAY too cold and we woke up to MORE snow. Next year will have to be a huge one. I hear your little guy with the dog poop. The snow is melting and revealing all the surprises that my neighbors don’t pick up!!!! Gross!! On top of snow and cold that was my other worry.

    • Carrie-
      I know that our family has only a few years left too…however, my sister and parents and I would hide eggs for each other before the kids came! I like the money idea… Limits the sugar and trinkets 😉

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