You’ve Got The Word!!

For those of you that are consistent readers… You know about the dentist situation.  Sigh…

We have a new appointment scheduled for the end of the month and are crossing our fingers that this one will end differently than the previous one.  We are talking about options like bringing the Nintendo DS instead of the Ipad so it is easier for the hygenist to work on him and darker sunglasses to take away some of the brightness.  If you take the dentist tantrum out of the equation, we have had cooperation and good behavior.  He was even very patient during our tax preparation visit this weekend…with the help of our Ipad of course.

In addition to Mine Craft, my TBP has a game that he enjoys playing with me.  It is a “made up” game and can be “luckily played anytime or anywhere”.

Because my son is an only child, we talk a lot with him.  In any of these many conversations, if I say the word “what” my son quickly responds…”You’ve got the word!”  He laughs and smiles and acts like he has just made the final goal for THE all important game.  This can happen anytime and I seem to fall for it every time.  The car, bedtime, dinner, walking home, restaurants, Target are all places that I get tricked and say “what.”   I think part of the reason why I say “the word” is that he spreads out his attacks over days and so I forget that the game is still going on.  Sometimes, I purposely say it during his rougher days to make him smile.

I try to play the game too and somehow my TBP is always on “T” which apparently is short for “time out.”  Sometimes, he knows what I am doing and will respond in many ways (yes? Uh-huh, Mama?) but without using “the word.”  He says that my face always gives it away when I am trying to catch him…it probably does.  My son likes to answer me, but he leaves off the “t” so he is just saying “wha” or at least that is what he claims.  At times, we end up having a discussion about being a good sport and making sure that everyone is having fun during this game.   I find it a bit interesting that this game has not lost its charm yet.   Maybe it’s because he tends to control when and how long it goes on.  That really is ideal for a control freak, isn’t it?

My TBP says that he plays it at school with a friend.  I wonder if the friend knows that he is playing it?

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