Almost Wordless Wednesday Report

After reviewing some of the last couple of posts, I wanted to prove (to myself) that my son is not Mine Crafting Summer away.  Because of this, I chose to share the highlights so far in the “Almost Wordless Wednesday Report.”

Meeting puppy

Opening Mine Craft shirt for 7th Birthday

Puppy resting after play with The Boy

Picking the first strawberries of the summer

Tackling a large (too large) Lego set

Bainbridge walk

Practicing the scooter

Take that!

We are having a great summer!  One of the best yet!  I think this is because my son is getting older and maturing. I also believe that I see how fast time goes by…not just with summer.  I am learning to prioritize, let some things go & focus on the good.  Through these pictures, I see how blessed we are and how far we have come!  How are you spending Summer?

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