Amazing Email!!

After arriving home from a wonderful (but long) visit to Bainbridge Island, I read an amazing email!  This thrilling email was from Diane Kennedy.  Ms. Kennedy is one of the very talented authors of a critically important book entitled Bright Not Broken.  Those of you that have followed my blog, know that this book changed my son’s life and because of that…it changed my life too!  Ms. Kennedy (along with her fantastic writing partner Rebecca S. Banks) wrote a book that is worth everyone’s limited time!  Parts of Bright Not Broken, were written by THE Temple Grandin herself, which adds to the magic and importance of this invaluable book!

When I read (actually I read it several times) this email, I realized that I really was making a difference.  What I was doing as a “mother blogger” had purpose and I felt a tremendous amount of pride and validation.  I emailed back Ms. Kennedy and asked if I could post the email that she sent.  With even more surprise and pleasure, I received a response this morning granting me permission to share her words.  So here it is…

Hi Kelly,

I ran across your blog and had to let you know how honored and happy we are our book brought you answers! This post brought tears to my eyes. And…I know it will to Rebecca’s too when I show it to her! 🙂 “While seeking answers, I found help!  I read the book Bright Not Broken (see my Resource list and it’s discussed in previous posts) and things changed.  I was glued to this book because those words described my son!!  The description was so accurate and SO many things made sense for the first time!  We finally had a name for what we experienced and we were starting to get answers!”

Our work has been a labor of love for several years that began with our first book “The ADHD Autism Connection”. BNB is not only a labor of love too but we feel a mission to advocate for real change for our 2e kids. Knowing our book has made a difference for you brings such joy to us! Thank you for sharing our book and your story with the world through your blog – you are a treasure! 🙂

We recently joined Twitter (although it is still a bit of a learning process, we love connecting) are you on Twitter? We also have a Facebook fan page Thank you again for your kind words and praise about Bright Not Broken. We wish you joy in your journey with your TBP! 🙂 Please keep us posted!

Warmly, Diane and Rebecca

In addition, here is part of today’s email:

We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your passion and dedication to spread the news about Bright Not Broken! The radio show has kept us really busy this summer too, but we are really excited about it and especially some of the guests we have coming up!  So nice to connect with you and we look forward to staying in touch. On Twitter and FB there are links to all the BNB Radio episodes – feel free to post them!

When I finished reading these emails, I thought a couple of things!  First, I have been called many things…but I have never been called a treasure!  🙂 Second, how amazing it was that THEY want to follow ME on Twitter!  Finally, if I could help share the important work that these women dedicate their lives to, then I am honored for the opportunity!

Bottom line is this…I love writing this blog!  I love helping others by sharing my experiences (both bad and good) and insights that we have learned.  The fact that this work gets recognized by amazing authors that have helped others just like me…priceless!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Email!!

  1. We were at a very challenging place and didn’t understand what to do next to help our son. This book explained everything and gave a name to what our son needed us to understand. Take the time to find the book on my resource list and check it out or visit the Bright Not Broken Facebook page!

  2. How wonderful you must feel to have your blog be recognized by two people whom you really admire. What wonderful feedback you received without even looking for it. Kudos to you for your continued learning and sharing your knowledge with the world!

    • @Oster’s Mom
      Thank you so much! Yes…it was a real highlight for me 😉
      Thank you for your continued support, Patty 😉

  3. Wow! This is so exciting! How did you get in contact with them or did I miss that? They contacted you? I also can not stop laughing because we are both named Kelly with gifted boys… and do you live in the NW? Just asking because you were on Baimbridge (my cousins grew up there). Take care.

    • @Nolan’s Mom-
      We do have things in common don’t we;). Yes, we live in the NW and we loved Bainbridge Island-it was gorgeous! We actually took pics of houses where we would like to plant roots someday! Loved it!
      In terms of Diane Kennedy…she found me! This was amazing to me!! I believe she could have found me because I am listed on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Site under 2e blogs/resources. I got a second thrill when I saw that they are following me on twitter! This makes me feel like I am a baker, and Martha Stewart just said she likes my cake! 😉

  4. Love this! And so so so happy I found your blog through Kelly from Dear Mrs. Einstein. This is a new genre of blogs for me but as a fellow educator/now stay at home mom, I am so loving reading your words. This post in particular speaks to me about the power of putting ourselves out there for the world….the power of sharing ourselves…even if it makes us vulnerable. So much value in human connections and we never know when what we need to write is what someone else needs to hear. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with the world. I will be following now.

    • Amanda-
      Thank you for your kind words! I am a novice blogger, but I love it! My favorite part is getting wonderful comments and emails from readers. Parents and educators that are searching for answers to their questions, seem to find what I am writing as valuable and worthy of their time. For that, I am so glad! I hope that you do come back for another visit! 🙂

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