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Little Man Tater

The other day, my son demonstrated perfectly the conflict within him. He was playing Mine Craft on the computer, was watching YouTube Mine Craft tutorials on the iPad, and had propped up the iPhone so that he could record his own tutorials to download and “teach others the greatness of Mine Craft.” While this is … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’?

Since it is Memorial Weekend, that means Summer is right around the corner.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I know that must seem odd to many. I work very hard Monday through Friday in my classroom with 20+ students, and I should be thrilled that there is time off…right?  At this point, I feel compelled … Continue reading

2e or Not 2e… That IS the question!

Here’s the truth…Things that I expected to be fun for a child, were painful for mine.  Story time at the library, going to the fair, or anything specifically designed with children in mind,  ended poorly for us.  When it was just us at home, he could be creative, expressive, and engaging.  Throw other people or … Continue reading

Shop ’til You Drop? Not likely!

In previous posts, I have shared my son’s love/hate relationship with shopping.  When younger, my TBP would stop in his tracks to admire the many rows of votive candles and was obsessed by all the shampoo bottles.  In both cases, he was initially intrigued by the various colors and then (after closer examination) stayed longer due to the strong fragrances.  These … Continue reading

Parenting Group

“This is because of the party, right?”  I was asking my friend this as she was inviting me to join a new parenting group.  “Oh no…it’s for all of us!”  Hmmm… I started to recall the events of the previous weekend.  My son went to his first “real” birthday party.  There was a bouncy house, toys, … Continue reading

You’re my Obsession…Now I’m Done

When my son was 3 years old, he was obsessed with art.  Our dining room table was buried somewhere under pipe cleaners, construction paper, yarn and tape for over a year.  Brand new bottles of Elmer’s glue and other craft products were grabbed quickly and just as quickly used up on the newest project.   Masterpieces … Continue reading

Don’t Go Changing…

Change is hard, right? This is coming from the person that sits in the same spot at every staff meeting. I’m not talking about usually sitting there. I’m talking years…many years in the same place! I imagine that there are people (somewhere) that embrace change. However, I don’t have those “change seekers” at my house. … Continue reading