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That House

Today, I went with my mother to see my grandma.  She still lives in her three-story house that she entertained friends, cared for her grandchildren, and hosted holiday parties. Those things don’t happen anymore. That house used to be filled with life and now it seems big, dark and empty.  It is too much for her, … Continue reading

You Say “Potato” and I say “Potahto”

Before I was the parent of a twice-exceptional child, I would hear  “You say ‘potato’ and I say ‘potahto’…Let’s call the whole thing off” and I would sing along without any particular care or thought about the words…until one day.  I listened to the lyrics and I instantly thought of… perspectives.  Varying perspectives (or opposing perspectives) have really … Continue reading

Parenting Group

“This is because of the party, right?”  I was asking my friend this as she was inviting me to join a new parenting group.  “Oh no…it’s for all of us!”  Hmmm… I started to recall the events of the previous weekend.  My son went to his first “real” birthday party.  There was a bouncy house, toys, … Continue reading