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My Real Second Anniversary

This week, I am celebrating the second anniversary of my site. I have to say that while I consider myself an organized person that follows through with my responsibilities, I am a bit surprised that I have stuck with this for two years.  I am proud of the work that I have done.  The parents and educators … Continue reading

I Choose My Son

Almost two years ago, I started writing this blog to share what I learned about twice-exceptional children.  This began as a way of helping and supporting families that were left with more questions than answers.  I didn’t want others to have to start at the beginning and I knew that I had an interesting perspective … Continue reading

Blog of the Year 2013 Award

In the middle of the crazy Thanksgiving holiday, I barely looked at my blog.  Once I slowed down, I was thrilled to find some wonderful news!  I had been awarded the Blog of the Year Award from Angie at OCD in the Family.  I was so honored; especially when she said that I was an inspiration! … Continue reading