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Reflection of Worries and Cautious Optimism

Today, begins the first weekend of the school year.  The sun is taking a backseat to the usual clouds and rain and actually, I’m okay with that. With rest and recovery in mind, we have very few plans for this time.  Tomorrow, we have a birthday celebration for my mom so today, my family will … Continue reading

Series of Mini Celebrations Take 1

Although I am exhausted from returning back to work full-time, our family has experienced a series of exciting mini celebrations.  The first celebration took place last weekend. Our dear friends had purchased a new home and we were excited to see it.   As expected, it was amazing.  The residence overflowed with history and personality.  This was the type of house that had stories … Continue reading

Stepping Outside of The Box

My son loves his quiet time at home.  Because of this, it takes a bit of sweet-talking to get him to leave his computer and venture outside.  Not only does he like to stay home, but he is very reluctant to take a risk.  If I’m being honest, I am much the same way.  I understand this … Continue reading