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True Exhaustion From My Singleton

One of the best parts of being part of this whole blogosphere is the sense of community.  I know that some can’t understand how I would want to give and receive suggestions from total strangers, but…it doesn’t feel like that.  Of course you have your occasional bad apple; however, most of the time the words … Continue reading

Visitation Times

One of the aspects of parenthood that you can’t escape is play dates.  It is part of the gig. I didn’t realize how introverted I was until I became a parent. I think it was just as hard for me to go to a new playground or Mommy and Me gymnastics session, as it was … Continue reading

Behind Closed Doors

When I started my teaching career, I remember some advice from a mentor; although most of the time you are the only adult in a classroom with students, you should always act as if your principal or a parent volunteer is in the back of the room.  You shouldn’t say or do anything that you … Continue reading

I’m Bored

There are two words that I currently hate more than most.  I would happily take a handful of crude potty words or even a few of the milder swear words instead of … I’m bored! Ugh! I don’t know if it is the sight of him standing amongst all the Legos, toys, and art supplies as … Continue reading

Not my Twin

Before I begin, I want to say that I am extremely grateful to be the mama to my son.  I am lucky that he is smart, healthy and precious. He is creative and has an incredibly kind heart with a love for his parents and his dogs. He is a loyal friend and I love … Continue reading

That Camaraderie

In the beginning, my son’s interest in video games was just about playing the game. Soon, the creating and the learning morphed into a strong desire to compete. As my son was driven to outdo his previous scores and conquests, his stamina and persistence grew. Gaming is serious to him, like a full-time job that counts on his important … Continue reading

People…I’ve Got It Bad!

For a few years, my son has had the same obsession, video games.  He begins his day asking video game questions… Wouldn’t it be cool if there were trolls in Minecraft? Didn’t you think that last boss battle was cool? What do you think I should create today? During our bedtime routine, he tries to … Continue reading

The Eve of Nine

I looked at my boy today, really looked at him,  and searched for obvious signs that he was on the eve of turning nine. To those parents that have passed the age of nine and are now in the teenage years, do you wish for nine again? For those of you that have toddlers or … Continue reading

Because I Said So

In my earlier parenting days, I was hard on myself and…I guess, I was hard on my child. It was difficult for me to develop my own parenting style, especially during the harder days. When all else failed, I would fall back on “Because I said so…” This was almost a sure way of escalating … Continue reading